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Bird of Hope

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2013-06-03

This great images are taken by user bird_of_hope on www.lomography.com

Love the feeling in this shot!
bird of hope
Camera: Zenit E
Film: Ilford Delta 400

Taking pictures of a very famous site will often result in shots that already have been taken 100 times before.
But this is not one of those 100 and its a very nice one.
Like the flat contrast which gives it a little vingtage look and the framing works very well.
bird of hope
Camera: Zenit EM
Film: Ilford Pan 200

Little odd framing which I think works well here.
bird of hope
Camera: Zenit E
Film: Ilford Pan 100

bird of hope
Camera: Zenit E
Film: Ilford Delta 400

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