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REVIEW: Konica C35 automatic

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2013-04-05

Konica C35 automatic

Introduced in: 1971


Lens: Konica Hexanon 38mm f/2.8
4 elements in 3 groups
Closest Focus: 1m (3.3ft)
Aperture: f/2.8 - f/ ?? I would guess f/16
Shutter: 1/650 to 1/30 + B (Bulb)
Copal Leaf shutter
Light meter: CdS just over the lens.
ISO 25 - 400
Battery: Originally 1.3v PX675 but I used a 1.5v SR44 which gave good exposures in my test.
Flash: Hot shoe + PC sync connection
Weight: 380g (without batteries)


Takes 135 film
24×36 negative size.


Good size and brightness.

Exposure needle (shutter + aperture)

Image quality

Great little lins that have very good image quality.
Bokeh looks great and it handels flares good.

Analogue B&W film
Konica C35 automatic
Konica C35 automatic
Konica C35 automatic
Konica C35 automatic
Konica C35 automatic
Konica C35 automatic

Konica C35 automatic
Konica C35 automatic

Flare / Backlight
Konica C35 automatic
Konica C35 automatic

Operating + Sounds
Konica C35 automatic

Build quality

Very good and a nice feel to it.


A camera with great looks and feel.
Image quality is quite nice and renders with good contrast, bokeh and flares.

Exposure is only done automatically but you manually adjust the ISO.
So you can have a exposure comp by changing the ISO.
Light meter works good but you can't lock it.
It is also always on except in total darkness.
So you need to use the lens cap so you don't drain your battery.

Thumbs up:
Image quality
Bokeh / Flare
Look / Feel

Thumbs down:
Lack of exposure control
Light meter only off in total darkness

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