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Sprocket Rocket

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 21-10-2011

A panorama camera that uses standard 135 film.
This can also expose over the film sprockets.

Sprocker Rocket


30mm plastic lens

Cloud (f:8) or Sun (f:10)

1/125 sec or B-mode

Standard hot shoe for external flash

Tripod thread
Negative size 72 x 33mm over film sprocket or 72 x 24mm if you're using the frame mask.

Sprocket Rocket

Image quality

Like most toy cameras this uses a plastic lens.
So this don´t produce clean and sharp images but you get a dreamy / moody image.
And that´s exactly what I want for this type of camera.

Build quality

This have a all plastic housing.
The shutter is good and have a nice feel to it.
The rest of the levers don´t feel that solid but they work good.

It looks and feels cheap but that’s kinda the thing with this type of camera.


This is a great camera if you take it for what it is (a cheap plastic camera)
And you can have tons of fun with this.

It produces images that have a nice feel / mood.
The shutter is smooth and works great.

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Sprocket Rocket

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