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REVIEW: Voigtländer Vitoret

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-08-07

Voigtländer Vitoret - Vaskar 50mm

Manufactured: 1961-1971


Lens: Voigtländer Vaskar 50mm f/2.8

Focus: Infinit to 1m (3.5ft)
Aperture: f/2.8 - 22
2 bladed aperure
Shutter: 1/125s to 1/30s plus a Bulb setting
Light meter: None
Flash: sync connection
Weight: 420g

Takes standard 135 film

24×36 mm negative size.


Very simple but good size and bright.

Scale 1:1

Image quality
First shots are a bit overexposed and have more grain.

Analogue B&W film
Not extremely sharp wide open but i would say good enough.

Not that serve corner softness which is mostly gone by f/5.6 and the lens is great from here on.
Voigtländer Vitoret
                            - Vaskar 50mm f/2.8
Download full size image. Here (up to 5mb)
f/2.8 - f/4 - f/5.6 - f/8 - f/11 - f/16 - f/22

Got a odd looking flare do to it's two bladed aperture.
                                                    Vitoret - Vaskar
                                                    50mm f/2.8
                                                    Vitoret - Vaskar
                                                    50mm f/2.8

Build quality

Very good and have a very solid feel.


This is the simplest version of the Vitoret cameras and that really shows in the specs.
A shutter with time from 1/125s to 1/30s is not very impressive.
Two aperture blade which makes a square which can make some odd looking bokeh and flare.
The view finder is very simple but good size and brigt, also in scale 1:1 which is nice.

Okey image quality wide open and is good from f/5.6.

Thumbs up:
Build quality

Thumbs down:
Few shutter speeds
Two bladed aperture

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Voigtländer Vitoret - Vaskar
                            50mm f/2.8

Technical Info
Scanner: Plustek OpticFilm 7600i
Film: Rollei RPX 100
Developer: Kodak D76

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