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Zorki 6

Posted by Bengt Köhler Sandberg 2012-03-26

REVIEW Zorki 6

Technical info

-All mechanical shutter:
1/500s to 1/30s and Bulb

-Flash sync (1/30 sec)


viewfinder with a built in rangefinder


Its fairly dark and small.
It's an approximation of a 50mm field of view.

Build quality:

All metal and built like a rock.


Uses Leicas old M39 screw mount.

REVIEW Zorki 6


This is as manual as its gets so this is far from a camera for everyone.
But you can learn allot from this becouse it so basic and it really forces you to think befor shoot.

It has a
shutter that can be changed before you cocking the shutter.
Somthing you can´t do with all old Zorki cameras (example Zorki4)
You also have a normal wind lever instead of this little knob
which I like but I know some prefer the knob.

One thing I don´t like is the tripod screw mount which is to the very edge.
This makes the camera very side heavy and I don´t see any reason why thay diden´t put it in the middle.

End note:
This is a great camera if you want a basic rangefinder.
I really like the feel of this and its fun to use but its not a camera for everyone.

Thumbs up:
Small size
Build quality
Looks great and have a nice feel to use

Thumbs down:
Few shutter times
Small and dark viewfinder

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