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Tips and Tricks


Build your own Pinhole Camera
Homemade Toy Lens
Make your own scanner film holder
Use a Polariod lens on a modern camera


Develop B&W Film or Paper

Enlarging Print Basics
Burning and Dodging
Controlling Contrast
Contact Printing

Writing down what you are doing

Print examples

Paper Negative

Info about paper negative
Better results with Paper negative
Enlarged darkroom print from a paper negative
How to get the paint effect

Camera Repair

Rangefinder adjustment
- Tips when you adjust your Rangefinder
- Minolta Hi-Matic F & FP

Shutter speed adjustment
- Kiev 60, 6c and Arax
- Minolta SRT 100 and 101

Camera Tips

Canon QL system (Quick load)
Different shutter types (Pros & Cons)
Toy Camera Tips
Pentax K1000 Mirror lock
Pentax Spotmatic Mirror lock

Analogue Film

Develop Color film in Kodak D76
How to shot analog IR
Develop EFKE IR820


Really cheap light meter

Any amount will be greatly appreciated!